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Committed to sustainability

Preserving and protecting the environment
indefinitely is the basis of sustainability

At B26 Group we have made it our Mission to take on this challenge, as we are aware that every organisation, country, group or individual has a part of the responsibility for the care of our planet's environment. Therefore, it is necessary that we maintain a firm commitment to develop solutions that guarantee the socio-environmental sustainability of our planet and improve society's development.

Human beings pollute at a faster rate than the Earth and the environment are able to assimilate and process, so we must implement processes and strategies that involve the sustainable and natural elimination of waste, its use through recycling or the use of green energies to ensure a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare.

Firm commitment to the sustainability and the future of our planet


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Extract, produce, consume, recycle, reuse: the solution inspired by nature.

At B26 Group we have moved away from the economic model of "extract, produce, waste" to a new model that redefines growth based on the use of resources and reduction of raw materials. A solution inspired by the cycle of life that repeats itself spontaneously in the nature that surrounds us, from which we must learn and put into practice. With circular models we can manage each stage of the life cycle in a more sustainable way, to combat planned obsolescence and extend the useful life of products, learning to manage the waste we generate more efficiently, giving priority to reuse and recycling.


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Let's improve the world by walking towards sustainability. Let's walk together to build the future.

Our commitment to green energy is part of the B26 Group's contribution to improving the world and moving towards sustainability. The annual growth in the production of clean and renewable energies is unstoppable, but there is still a long way to reach 100% of energy production, a technically and economically viable task. And from this conviction, at B26 Group we advocate for those clean energies that are characterised by not producing greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions, and are the most sustainable energies that exist today and the best exponents to fight efficiently against climate change.


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We will do great things together. Let's create value, progress and well-being for society.

The well-being and development of people is an inescapable commitment of B26 Group. We know that together we will do great things. That is why we create value, progress and well-being for society, a social responsibility to all the people around us who help us run our business. Giving back to society in a transparent and direct way part of the benefits acquired in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility actions is key to consolidate the trust that customers show us every day. Working in a sustainable way and with a social vision, taking care of our environment and achieving sustainable progress is everyone's task.

Our Group was created as the result of the union of several partners
who have many years of experience in large trading companies.

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